DGPS & Control Point Survey

We provide Differential Global Positioning System Surveys for range of geo referencing activities like static/Rapid static/ Real time kinematic for large scale urban development, irrigation, highway, railway projects etc and also various other mapping exercises.

All forms of Survey data can be directly entered into a GIS from digital data collection systems on survey instruments. Positions from a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) like Global Positioning System can also be collected and then imported into a GIS. GIS database gives you a better way to easily manage, reuse, share, and analyze your survey data, saving you time, money, and resources.

Following Method’s doing DGPS Service
• Static Survey
• RTK Survey
• Control point Network Survey and DGPS Survey & Mapping We are Providing Service

 Following Areas:-
• Satellite Image Georeference
• UAV Survey
• LiDAR (Scanning Areas)
• Airports/Railways/Road Sectors
• New City / Township Development
• Forest Boundary’s mapping
• Mine Boundary’s mapping